Professional Hungarian Translation Services


I provide a wide range of translation services for your personal needs, business, technical or professional documents and websites. I have years of experience, and will only translate the material I am familiar with. I never accept work beyond my capability and knowledge. Therefore my translation is always reliable and accurate. For me no project is too big or too small. Whether you have a thick manual or a single page, you will receive high-quality translation and on-time delivery at the lowest rates.


Services offered:

  • TRANSLATING English, English (USA) and English (GB) business, technical, professional documents, private letters, websites, help files and many other documents to target language Hungarian
  • PROOFREADING of documents in Hungarian for accuracy and consistency of style, terminology and presentation
  • SUBTITLING of movie/video; translating audio and timing

Subjects of Specialization:

  • Advertisement/Marketing
  • Education/Training
  • Film - Theatre
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Internet/Multimedia
  • Media/Broadcasting







Documents translated:

  • business documents (financial reports, minutes and protocols, etc.)
  • technical documents (user guides, manuals, instructions, etc.)
  • private and corporate websites
  • software documentation, help files
  • private and business correspondence (translation of letters and e-mails)
  • advertisement and marketing materials (presentations, advertisement brochures, press releases, commercial offers, marketing researches, price lists, etc.)
  • books and publications (articles, scripts, stories, news, etc.)

Advantages of my translation service:

  • Quality: I am a native speaking Hugarian translator as an English language and literature teacher. Beside my main field is Arts of Communication and I have already published my work Why Do Not We Get On Well?
  • Accuracy: I emphasize accuracy and terminological precision of translations.
  • Style: each document translated preserves your style and conveys your intent, down to the slightest nuance or detail.
  • Punctuality: I value my clients and always deliver translations on time.
  • Confidentiality: I ensure that any confidential material is kept safely to avoid access by third parties. All working papers (notes, drafts) are shredded before disposal.
  • Excellent customer service: I am a customer-driven person and work to meet all your requirements.
  • Competitive prices: I do my best to maintain the lowest rates (starting at just 0,04 EUR per word!) and offer the translation that suits your needs. I also offer "for-information" and "for-presentation" translations.
    "For-information" translation is necessary when you want to know the gist of the text. I ensure you understand exactly what is being said without charging expensive translation fees, and you will get an accurate but unpolished translation.
    "For-presentation" translation is required when you are presenting documents to a client or anyone else you want to impress. "For-presentation" translations are stylish, fluid and idiomatic.